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Down Under Enterprises, based in NSW, specialises in the export and distribution of a wide range of wholesale natural Australian essential oils, carrier oils, and other ingredients for the global personal care market.

Founded in 2001 to export Australian tea tree oil, Down Under now exports and distributes a wide range of oils including eucalyptus, sandalwood and lavender oils.

All are 100 per cent pure oils and native to Australia, with the tea tree oil being supplied primarily from the company’s family-owned plantations in Australia.

Down Under exports its full range of products to the United States, where it has distribution facilities in Cleveland, Ohio.

From here, the oils are distributed to wholesale customers, private label manufacturers, and natural product and multi-national companies in the US, Canada and Brazil.

Down Under began exporting to Asia in 2012, with representation in five countries and selling directly into a further four.

The logistics for these rapidly growing markets is supported by a new warehouse operation in Brisbane.

Steady growth

Along with a number of long-term contracts with US customers for tea tree oil, Down Under has worked with a Western Australian company to launch a new bio-active ingredient, which is extracted from the seed of the West Australian sandalwood tree.

In order to fulfil its ongoing supply requirements and meet orders for this new product, Down Under needed additional capital to pay suppliers and finance shipping, given it can take up to three months for products to reach its US warehouse.

While Down Under’s bank has been very supportive of its export business, it was unable to approve the finance Down Under needed and so it suggested Down Under speak to us.

How we helped

We provided Down Under with a A$200,000 Export Contract Loan, which gave it the additional working capital it needed to expand and fulfil its ongoing supply arrangements.

Down Under was also able to finance the growth of its new sandalwood seed oil product, which has already seen strong demand from Down Under’s existing overseas customers.

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