Oz Nature


Oz Nature is a NSW-based wholesaler of chilled and frozen meats, specialising in high quality wagyu beef.

Established in 2004, Oz Nature’s founders noticed a growing demand in South Korea for Australian wagyu beef, which was going unfulfilled due to a lack of a steady supply chain.

Oz Nature exports its products solely to South Korea, where they are distributed to wholesale customers like department stores, restaurants and butcheries.

Oz Nature has created an exclusive brand for the Korean market, ‘Oz Nature Wagyu’, while its other products include a wide range of chilled and frozen beef products.

All of Oz Nature’s products are 100 per cent Australian and are primarily sourced from Queensland-based beef producers.

Financial support

While Oz Nature has been successfully exporting its meat to South Korea for over a decade, the business needed additional working capital to fund a rapid increase in client demand.

These funds would be used to pay for increased orders from suppliers, and to keep shipping and distribution running smoothly.

Oz Nature was unable to secure finance from its bank, due to the size of its business and the lack of security available, which are challenges that many SME exporters face.

Oz Nature’s bank suggested it talk to us to see if we could support its export operations.

A helping hand

We provided Oz Nature with a A$400,000 export working capital guarantee in support of its export contracts into South Korea.

This guarantee allowed Oz Nature’s bank to approve the finance that the company needed to keep up with demand and allow the export business to continue growing.

Oz Nature used these funds to increase its production capacity, which has already allowed the amount of beef it exports to grow significantly.

And with demand for wagyu increasing worldwide, Oz Nature is hoping to produce its own beef for export in the future, with the extra working capital it has received with our help going a long way to seeing them reach this goal.

"The support from Export Finance Australia will allow us to continue exporting more Australian-produced beef, helping to strengthen our business. Simon Hong, Sole Director, Oz Nature."