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CPT Global is a Melbourne-based IT services company that specialises in solutions that enhance the control, stability, efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of technology investments.

Established in 1993, CPT began to expand around the world as it won contracts in Europe, North America and Asia through referrals from existing clients.

In its international markets, CPT specialises in providing innovative and automated solutions for tuning mainframe environments, based on their Risk/Reward model.

Drawing on its own intellectual property that is built around deep experience, technical expertise, automated tools and highly effective methodologies, CPT’s strength lies in its independence and the expertise of its consultants.

This has allowed CPT to deliver real value to its clients, with it having a number of blue-chip multi-national financial services organisations among its clients.

A new contract

CPT secured a contract with UBIS, a wholly owned subsidiary of UniCredit, which is a large Italian global banking and financial services group that has branches in 50 countries.

The contract involved an assessment of the organisation’s mainframe IT systems and the subsequent implementation of a series of tailored efficiency improvements.

In order to fund the project, CPT needed additional working capital, given that its Risk/Reward model meant UBIS only pay for CPT’s services from the savings measured and realised.

The savings to UBIS could take up to six months to be realised by UBIS, after the field work was completed.

The time between providing the service and receiving payment meant CPT needed to fund the working capital.

CPT’s bank wasn’t able to provide the finance needed for this overseas contract, and so CPT contacted us with a proposal.

Export Finance Australia’s financial support not only helped us manage our working capital for this project, but will ensure we can continue tendering for other work using the Risk/Reward model. Gerry Tuddenham CEO & MD, CPT Global.

How we helped

We provided CPT with a A$1.5m Export Contract Loan to support the working capital requirements of the project with UBIS.

This additional working capital will be used by CPT to fund labour and other project costs, allowing CPT to deliver on this contract while also helping to balance the working capital needs across the business.

Being able to fast-track this project means CPT is now able to enter into discussions with other potential clients in Europe, Asia and North America.

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