Here's how our customers succeeded in their export journey

“We saw that the US market was resonating strongly with our product. It was the cheekiness, the freshness, the realness and the simplicity of the product as well as being a natural and cruelty free brand, meant that the US girls love that”

Kim Peirce, Founder, Babe Australia

“The only way for us to expand and move forward was to double down on the size of invoicing and product offering. Export Finance Australia was extremely important in enabling this growth”.

Kevin Garcia, Founder, Karst Stone Paper

“Without Export Finance Australia’s support, it would be very difficult to grow and deliver on export contracts at the rate that you can as a business. You do the deal, you get the big contracts, but if you can’t cashflow it, you’re in big trouble”

Justin Reisinger, Global Business Development Manager, Pixie Ice Cream