TelSoft is a Canberra-based consultancy that provides innovative solutions to large telcos to help them make strategic decisions and enhance their profitability.

TelSoft’s core product is a software system that tracks network traffic and signal data through mobile phone towers.

Being able to compare data from different geographic regions allows telcos to develop tailored pricing capabilities and to optimise customer demand and network capacity.

This is Telsoft’s competitive advantage, as most telcos and consultants rely on the averaging of data to make pricing and investment decisions.

Telsoft has applied its unique methodology and algorithms to develop the software for the system, using software developers and programmers based in Australia.

Since its formation in 1996, TelSoft has built a strong international customer base, which includes customers from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Leveraging off global demand for its products and services, TelSoft is now pitching to potential customers in Thailand, Philippines and Brazil. 

A new opportunity

TelSoft secured new contracts with two of its customers for the expansion and improvement of TelSoft systems already in place.

In order to apply customised discounts based on geographic location, TelSoft’s Malaysian customer required the addition of a pricing module to its system, while its Indonesian customer required hardware and software upgrades to its system.

Despite being supportive of these contracts, TelSoft’s bank was unable to increase their funding above existing limits due to lack of sufficient tangible security.

A helping hand

We provided TelSoft with a A$200,000 Export Contract Loan, allowing it to fulfil the contracts with two of its most valued customers. 

TelSoft plans to leverage these client relationships as it launches its global growth strategy by entering new export markets including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

"Export Finance Australia was quick to provide the funding that we needed to assist two of our key international clients.
Dr Anthony de Silva, Founding Director, TelSoft."

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