Australia is a market leader in METS and Construction Services

Australia has world-class capabilities in Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) and Construction Services. These industries contribute to a combined gross revenue of $452b, accounting for 24% GDP of the Australian economy.

There are 2.28m METS & Construction Services jobs in Australia, making up 18% of Australia’s entire workforce.

15%METS contribution to Australia’s GDP

9%Construction Services contribution to Australia’s GDP

$452b combined gross revenue

Source:  Australian Industry and Skills Committee, 2020 METS Ignited, 2020

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Who are we?

We are the Government's export credit agency, helping Australian exporters for more than 60 years. With our long and proud history, we are an integral part of Australia's international trade focus, supporting businesses, jobs and the community.

We could provide support to METS and Construction Services businesses directly exporting or in an export-related supply chain. Working with banks, other government agencies and our partners, we provide loans and guarantees to enable Australian businesses to take on export-related opportunities.

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At Export Finance Australia, we’ve been helping Australian METS and Construction businesses finance their export opportunities for many years.

That’s why we created our ‘METS and Construction Services eBook’. A free resource to help you understand Australia’s METS and Construction industries, how to access finance to support your business growth, and how we’re helping businesses, just like yours.

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