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Australian Organic Meats (AOM) is a Queensland-based exporter of premium quality, grass-fed certified organic beef to wholesalers worldwide.

Founded in 2011, AOM is a partnership between two long-standing traditional organic farming families, the Tully and O’Leary families, which have over 100 years of farming history in Australia.

AOM has a strong supply chain with organic beef suppliers in Queensland and New South Wales, which helps to ensure access to livestock all year round.

AOM’s key export markets are the Middle East, Asia and the US, with export sales making up around 80 per cent of the company’s revenues.

Increased export demand 

When AOM sources its beef from its suppliers, it needs to be processed and packaged prior to being shipped to AOM’s overseas distributors.

The high cashflow nature of AOM’s business means it’s important to have a substantial forward finance strategy in place to meet any growth in demand.

Given the significant working capital required to meet increased demand from its distributors, AOM needed additional finance to manage this pre-shipment phase.

While AOM’s bank supports the business through a trade facility, it wasn’t able to approve the additional pre-shipment working capital AOM needed without a guarantee.

How we helped

We provided a $500,000 Export Working Capital Guarantee to AOM’s bank, enabling it to lend AOM the additional working capital.

This will be used to purchase cattle and meet the upfront processing costs for its increased pipeline of orders, which will help to bridge the finance gap until it ships the product and then receives payment from its international distributors.

This additional finance also gives AOM the confidence to seek larger contracts with its network of approved buyers, which will help to expand its export business.

Export Finance Australia’s support will help us to manage our pre-shipment costs so that we can continue to expand our business internationally. Simone Tully, Director, Australian Organic Meats.

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