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AVT Paints is a Queensland-based manufacturer and distributor of premium quality paints and aerosol products.

The core focus of AVT Paints is highend specialty paints and industrial aerosol products, and it has strong expertise in the field of aerosol and valve technology.

The company’s manufacturing facility is in China, with this facility employing 100 staff and producing around 1.2 million cans per month.

Export sales are around 70 per cent of AVT Paint’s annual revenues, with its paint sold under its own labels like Ironlak, Sugar, Yardmaster, Kolour, Spot on and Zero, or under its customers’ own private label.

AVT Paints exports its products to wholesale and retail customers in New Zealand, the US, South America, Asia and Europe.

Two new contracts

AVT Paints won supply contracts with two new customers in the US.

One is a chain of around 1,800 retail home improvement and appliance stores, while the other is a chain of around 660 retail arts and crafts stores.

The signing of these two new supply contracts means a significant increase in sales for AVT Paints.

In order to fulfil this increased demand, AVT Paints needed to install filling equipment for two new aerosol lines in its overseas manufacturing facility.

While AVT’s bank provides a trade finance facility, it wasn’t able to approve the finance that AVT Paints needed for this capital investment, as the new equipment would be held overseas.

How we helped

We provided a US$100,000 overseas direct investment guarantee to fund the installation of the two new aerosol lines.

The increased production capacity will help AVT Paints to fulfil the increased orders it will receive, as well as giving it the confidence to seek larger supply contracts from other overseas customers.

Partnering with Export Finance Australia will allow us to realise a significant increase in international sales this year.

Levi Ramsey, Managing Director, AVT Paints.

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