DCI Electrical Services

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When DCI Electrical Services needed additional working capital to cover operating expenses and enable the delivery of new contracts, we were able to provide a solution.

DCI Electrical Services began in 2010, working on train line upgrades and solar installations. Since then, it has become an important player in construction and mining, delivering electrical, civil and plant hire services to multinational corporations in the resources sector.

In recent years, the business has adapted and evolved to offer additional services to its customers, to build resilience through market fluctuations.

“With the global downturn in mining, we were treading water, so we procured more plant and machinery to break into civil construction, and then moved into plant hire,” said John James Greene, DCI Electrical Services’ Managing Director and Owner.

After finishing a major project at the end of 2020, DCI Electrical Services quickly secured two new mining contracts. However, it needed finance to cover the cash flow gap until the first payment.

“At the front end of the job, there are a lot of expenses like mobilising, training and buying uniforms,” explained Vicki Moon, Admin Superintendent at DCI Electrical Services. “But in mining, you have to work a whole month before you can invoice, and then you wait for payment.”

The right financial support

When DCI Electrical Services’ line of credit facility with its bank was coming to maturity, the business needed to look for an alternative longer-term funding option to assist with growing contact demands and upfront operating costs.

“In one of our conversations, the bank mentioned Export Finance Australia,” explained Vicki.

They really understood the business. They understood that all our expenses would be at the front end and they looked at our business rather than just the figures.

John James Greene, Managing Director and Owner, DCI Electrical Services

With extensive experience dealing with contractors in the mining services industry, at Export Finance Australia, we know that there can be lengthy payment cycles and understood the financial support DCI Electrical Services needed to cover costs.

Our loan provided the additional working capital DCI Electrical Services required to deliver its new contracts.

The team at DCI Electrical Services is now laying out a roadmap for future growth, with confidence that the business will be able to cover any future cash flow gaps. As DCI Electrical Services expands, it is taking on new employees and looking to upgrade its fleet to meet the growing demand in this sector.