Energy Made Clean


Energy Made Clean, or EMC, is a Perth-based engineering company that provides commercial clean energy solutions.

Established in 2006, EMC specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of wind, solar, geothermal, heat pumps, water pumping and hybrid systems.

EMC primarily works on large-scale solar power design, alternative energy projects and the installation of hybrid power systems across Australia.

Projects that EMC has completed include the Goldfields Oasis Leisure Centre, Carnarvon Solar Farm and Solar Arrays for City of Mandurah.

Growth ambitions

EMC secured a significant new contract with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

The contract was to provide solar power generation infrastructure to the Murchison Observatory, which required a significant increase in expenses to complete.

Given the CSIRO was providing an advance payment, it required an advance payment bond as security.

While EMC’s bank was able to provide this bond, it required ECM to provide 100 per cent cash cover.

This would have tied up EMC’s precious working capital and so EMC’s bank suggested EMC speak to us to see if we had a solution.

"The security of Export Finance Australia’s bonds gave our buyer the confidence to pay us, making it a lot easier to deliver on these contracts. John Davidson, Founder & Managing Director, EMC."

How we helped

We provided a $2.43 million advance payment bond to help EMC secure this high-profile contract.

The bond ensured the CSIRO could proceed with the advance payment, allowing EMC to complete the contract successfully.

This success helped EMC secure the contract for Phase 2 of the CSIRO’s project, which was for the provision of power storage infrastructure.

Our advance payment bond of $2.59 million again gave the CSIRO the security it needed to release the advance payment for this phase.

Being able to fulfil complex projects like this successfully puts EMC in an excellent position to secure similar global projects that require clean energy solutions.