FCT Flames


FCT Flames specialises in the design, manufacture and operation of flame effects for ceremonial, sporting and other events like the Olympic Games.

Based in Thebarton in South Australia, FCT Flames offers consultancy, engineering design, project management and equipment supply services.

FCT Flames also offers a turnkey installation, supervision and operation service to the major games events of the world.

With its own laboratories and test facilities, as well as access to the state-of-the-art facilities of its research partner, the University of Adelaide, FCT Flames is regarded in the industry as the world leader in Olympic Games flame technology.

FCT has produced some of the most watched man-made flames in history since the Sydney Olympics in 2000, when it designed and supplied the spectacular cauldron and ignition system, as well as designing the combustion system of the relay torch.

Other iconic projects include the ‘Rings of Fire’ from the opening ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, the cauldron for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and the ‘burning man’ and ‘eclipse cauldron’ in the 2015 1st European Games in Baku.

FCT Flames has also supplied decorative flames for other cultural and entertainment events such as arts festivals, operas and community events.

An exciting new contract

The FCT Group is an established exporter, deriving over 90 per cent of its revenue from exports, and has a proven track record of successfully carrying out projects on every continent except Antarctica.

In recognition of its experience in providing flame effects for sporting events, FCT Flames won the contract to supply and install the cauldron burner for the opening ceremony of the 28th South East Asian Games in Singapore.

Before granting the contract to FCT Flames, the organisers required bonds to be in place to guarantee the installation, which is a usual occurrence with major games organisations.

Financial support

We provided a A$500,000 bond limit to FCT Flames’ bank, in support of an advanced payment bond and a performance bond for this contract, as well as any future eligible export contracts that FCT Flames may secure.

FCT Flames was able to provide a bank guarantee to the games organisers, allowing it to deliver an experience for this high-profile sporting event that was very well received.

And with a strong pipeline of projects, FCT Flames looks well placed to continue its strong growth in key export markets.