Green Frog Systems


Our Small Business Export Loan allowed Green Frog Systems to secure a large order and help manage business disruption risks during COVID-19.

Green Frog Systems designs and manufactures innovative solar lighting products, such as kit-form lighting that a layperson can install in under 30 minutes. The South Australian business manages their design and R&D from Adelaide, and uses international engineers, test sites and a global manufacturing supply chain.

Since first exporting to the UAE in 2012, Green Frog Systems has experienced strong international growth. It sells to the lucrative US market, as well as to New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Middle East and the UK.

When an international customer approached them in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak with a large potential order, Green Frog System’s CEO and Founder, David Wilson, turned to us for support.

“The client couldn’t pay up front and needed trading terms,” David explained.

“Export Finance Australia made it easy for us to borrow money, so I could give the client a decent set of trading terms that managed their COVID-19 risk – as well as ours.”


Reduced costs and satisfied customers

Our Small Business Export Loan enabled Green Frog Systems to secure a large forward order in the middle of an economically challenging time. It also meant they could make bulk material purchases upfront – reducing their costs and boosting their margins.

David worked with Export Finance Australia’s SA and NT Business Development Director, Andrew Perkins, to determine whether his business would qualify for a loan.

“Andrew is fantastic, because he has an incredible understanding of the challenges businesses have, and of his own program,” David said. “And one of the cool things with Export Finance is that the application’s all online. Considering this was right in the middle of COVID-19, it was really advanced.”


Export Finance Australia is brilliant. It's a painless, quick way to get a competitive interest rate and get your orders going. I absolutely recommend them.

David Wilson, CEO and Founder
Green Frog Systems