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Leighton O’Brien is a leading software and field technologies company for the global oil industry.

Leighton O’Brien’s primary expertise lies in real-time high definition ‘wetstock’ management, field-based leak detection, fuel restoration and tank cleaning technologies.

These technologies enable fuel retailers to minimise fuel losses, more accurately detect leaks, optimise maintenance outcomes and enhance retail operations.

Based in Victoria, Leighton O’Brien is known for delivering the smartest wetstock intelligence, as well as best practice engineering standards and customer service.

A new opportunity

Leighton O’Brien has developed a new wetstock management technology platform called HD SIRA, giving petrol retailers like Woolworths and others access to real-time data around wetstock levels and replenishment, pump flow rates, delivery validation and water ingress.

HD SIRA also includes superior field-based technologies to support the process, giving Leighton O’Brien’s customers a high level of added value through its broad range of analytical leak detection, wetstock management and fuel cleaning analysis tools.

With domestic implementation of this wetstock monitoring technology a proven success, Leighton O’Brien needed to arrange pilots with a number of overseas customers before beginning large scale commercialisation.

For these pilots, the company needed to finance greater Asian operations, as well as cover the large upfront costs for the ‘cloud’ infrastructure needed to house real-time data, field data and reporting, and establishing 24/7 customer support services.

A helping hand

While Leighton O’Brien’s bank has been supportive of the company’s growth plans for many years, it was unable to approve the additional finance the company required.

On its bank’s request, we stepped in with a funding solution in the form of a A$1,000,000 Export Contract Loan, which would give Leighton O’Brien the additional working capital it needed to fund the overseas pilot expenses.

With this finance in place, Leighton O’Brien has launched its HD SIRA and field technologies international program, and taken on new customers very quickly, which has put the company in an excellent position to continue its overseas expansion.

With Export Finance Australia’s strong support, we are able to expand our cutting edge wetstock management platform with key overseas clients and progress with large scale exporting.

Reed Leighton, Chief Executive Officer, Leighton O’Brien

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