Nature's Dairy Australia


With our support, Nature’s Dairy Australia is increasing their substantial market presence across Asia.

Nature’s Dairy Australia is a business who locally source, manufacture and package milk from across Victoria. Their customer base is made up of domestic and overseas distributors, retailers and manufacturers.

Today, 65 per cent of what Nature’s Dairy Australia produces is exported to Asia.

Bevan Tippett, Chief Executive Officer of Nature’s Dairy Australia, said, “China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam are our biggest and most important markets at the moment.”

However, as a relatively new business, they needed financial support to help them meet the growing international demand.

“Nature’s Dairy Australia being only a few years old, we have a huge amount of growth ahead of us,” said Bevan.

“But all of that comes with cashflow implications, and so we needed some assistance to fund that continued growth of the business. That’s how we came to talk to Export Finance Australia.”


A smooth and supportive collaboration

Nature’s Dairy Australia worked closely with our Victorian Business Development team. Bevan said it felt like a true collaboration from the start.

“The process with Export Finance Australia has been very smooth, very easy and very supportive. We really felt like it’s been a collaboration.”

Our $2.6m Export Line of Credit facility is helping Nature’s Dairy Australia finance the working capital funding requirements of their business operations, particularly as sales volumes increase.

It also allowed them to implement new capital expenditure into their factory. This enabled them to develop new products and fund equipment specifically for exports.

“Export Finance Australia has been a real partner for us. Their support allowed us to not only buy the capex for the factory, but also to support the inventory that we need in terms of packaging, and to buy the materials to develop the products.”

Responsiveness to customers

When asked about the future state for Nature’s Dairy Australia in a few years’ time, Bevan is confident it will double in size from what it is today.

“Being able to do that means we need to be more responsive than ever to our customers,” he said. “Export Finance Australia has given us the liquidity to allow us to do that.”

We would definitely recommend other companies looking to export to at least start a conversation with Export Finance Australia and see what the opportunities are to work together.

Bevan Tippett, Chief Executive Officer
Nature's Dairy Australia