Stackla is a Sydney-based digital marketing company that specialises in collating and analysing user-generated data to help its corporate clients create marketing strategies and interact with their customers.

Rather than spending large amounts on average content, Stackla helps global brands find and showcase the content that their customers and fans are sharing online.

Stackla has over 500 global blue-chip clients that buy its software via an annually-renewed licence subscription, giving these companies access to proprietary technology that very few companies globally can offer.

Stackla also has relationships with Twitter and Facebook, which allows Stackla to combine global traffic and keyword searches from its clients, allowing them to create more personalised marketing strategies for their customers.

Looking to expand

While Stackla has grown strongly in Australia, there is often a delay between receiving monthly/quarterly license fees from its overseas clients and the employee costs associated with producing and maintaining its software.

Stackla has the potential for expansion globally, however, this subscription-based model used for overseas clients means it hasn’t been able to expand overseas as quickly as it would like.

And with Stackla’s bank unable to provide the finance it needed, due to a lack of tangible asset backing, Stackla contacted us to see if we had a solution.

How we helped

We provided Stackla with a A$400,000 Export Contract Loan, which helped to increase its working capital and expand its digital marketing platform.

This allowed Stackla to service additional export contracts in Asia, the UK and the US.

Stackla is also now working on larger contracts with bigger clients, and so our loan also helped with the additional working capital need to fulfil these opportunities – financing its bank has been unable to provide.

Since helping Stackla to increase its working capital, it has now secured an additional $3 million investment from an ASX-listed technology investment firm, which will help Stackla accelerate its plans to export its market-leading technology to the world.

"The Export Contract Loan was the perfect solution. Stackla needed working capital support while it sourced a new round of equity to continue its international growth. Rob Loewenthal, Corporate Advisor, Free Trade Hall."