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The Creature Technology Company is a Melbourne-based company that produces largescale animatronic puppets for theme parks, exhibitions, stage shows and events around the world.

Unique in its industry, The Creature Technology Company delivers all of the different disciplines that are required to make large complex puppetry – everything from mechanical engineering and electronic software to sculpting and painting.

The Creature Technology Company has created large scale life-like animatronic characters for the arena show Walking with Dinosaurs – involving 16 realistic, life-size dinosaurs – the stage show King Kong and the 2014 Winter Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Early ambitions

The company started out as an exporter, with their very first project, Walking with Dinosaurs, being an international success. With most of their clients residing overseas, export represents approximately 95 per cent of their business.

The US is their primary market given the size of its entertainment industry, where most of the demand for their products comes from. China is also increasingly looking promising as a growing export market, particularly as the country is investing heavily in a range of new theme parks.

Recently, The Creature Technology Company won a significant and exciting multi-million dollar* contract to design and build a highly sophisticated life-size animatronic figure for a theme park ride.

The project was a huge win for The Creature Technology Company and represented an important turning point and potential game-changer in their rapidly growing business.

*the amount is subject to a confidentiality agreement

"Export Finance Australia has been terrific to work with. Without the help from Export Finance Australia, there would have been doubts about us securing the export contract. Sonny Tilders, Creative Director and CEO, The Creature Technology Company."

Providing security

Given the significant size of the contract, The Creature Technology Company’s client required a performance bond for the value of the contract, to provide surety that the project would be delivered on time and to specification. Without a bond, the company would have been unable to secure the contract.

The company’s bank was supportive of the contract but unable to provide the bond itself.

This is where Export Finance Australia was able to help, by providing a performance bond to support delivery of the contract. “The Creature Technology Company is such an exciting business, doing genuinely innovative work on a global scale,” Export Finance Australia’s Philip Smith commented.

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