The Spurs Wine Company


The Spurs Wine Company is a South Australian wine business that’s focused on expanding its specialist wine offering into global markets.

Having experienced strong export growth since it was established in 2010, The Spurs is now looking to capitalise on solid demand from China, thanks to the country’s expanding middle class.

The Spurs has recently established a distribution business with four other Australian wine companies in the city of Qingdao, Shandong Province, as well as pursuing further sales in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Demark and Germany.

Despite its solid track record, The Spurs faced a financial hurdle to fulfil new supply contracts into several Scandinavian markets, including Sweden.

We provided The Spurs’ bank, NAB, with an export working capital guarantee so that it could provide the additional working capital The Spurs needed to take advantage of these new sales opportunities. 

Export Finance Australia’s Leela Hanson said, “We are very pleased to be supporting a growing SME within the wine industry like The Spurs with its next phase of growth.”

“ Export Finance Australia was very helpful and it is keen to take smaller companies to the next level.”
Craig Harnett
Owner & Director, The Spurs Wine Company

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