Tritium is a Brisbane-based designer and manufacturer of power-electronic systems and fast-chargers for electric vehicles.

Tritium was formed in 2001 to commercialise the electronic technology used in solar car racing.

“We’ve spent significant time and investment in research and product development, allowing us to develop our unique intellectual property into a commercially-viable product offering.

“Our focus now is on selling our products around the world and being a part of the movement towards healthier, smarter cities of the future,” says David Finn, Managing Director.

Another export contract

Tritium secured a second contract with the world’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations, based in the United States.

We supported Tritium in 2015 with its first contract with this company, which it successfully completed along with other sizeable contracts with key players in the electric vehicle charging industry.

Securing this second contract demonstrates the strength of Tritium’s product capability, as well as the continued growth in the electric vehicle market.

While Tritium’s bank was again supportive of this larger contract, it wasn’t able to provide the funding that Tritium required, and so it contacted us to see if we could help.

A helping hand

We provided Tritium with a A$1.2 million Export Contract Loan, which gave it the working capital it needed to deliver these charging units.

“Having the funds available to cover the contract’s production and delivery costs, prior to receiving payment, eased the pressure on our working capital,” says David.

And with a solid pipeline of new export contracts, and the ongoing growth in the electric car market around the world, Finn says Tritium is well-placed to take advantage of more export opportunities.

The financial support from Export Finance Australia continues to play a major role in helping Tritium’s technology reach its commercial potential. David Finn, Managing Director, Tritium

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