Pakistan Country profile


Pakistan is Australia’s 37th largest trading partner, with a total of A$1.8b worth of goods and services traded in 2017, making up 0.2% of Australia’s total trade portfolio. Total exports to Pakistan totalled A$1.4b in 2017, with vegetables and fertilisers the largest merchandise exports.  Elders International, Selected Seeds, Australian Rural Exports and Bio-Ag are just some of the Australian exporters that have exported to Pakistan. Pakistan’s growing population opens the door for further agricultural trade.

Pakistan has extensive energy resources, including oil and natural gas reserves and the fourth-largest coal reserves in the world. This offers a wide range of business opportunities in hydro power, oil and gas, infrastructure and building and construction. Snowden Mining Consultants, BHP, SMEC and CE Bartlett are Australian companies that have been involved in mining and infrastructure projects.


Service exports with Pakistan were worth A$683m, made up largely of education. Pakistani student enrolments in Australia have been growing at a steady rate, with close to 16,000 students registered in 2017.


Bilateral investment remains miniscule; Australian aid to Pakistan has hovered around A$50m (1.3% of the aid budget) over the last few years.