Timor-Leste Country profile


Timor-Leste is Australia’s 83 rd largest trading partner, with a total of A$223m worth of goods and services traded in 2017, making up less than 0.1% of Australia’s total trade portfolio. Exports of goods and services were worth A$72m in 2017. Merchandise exports to Timor Leste were dominated by the sale of aircraft and accompanying parts as well as motor vehicles.  

Imports were worth A$151m made up largely of services—of which A$47m was from travel. There isn’t sufficient information to determine which sector the remaining A$101m was sourced from.


Australian service exports to Timor-Leste are limited. Tourist arrivals are miniscule, while the number of students studying in Australia numbered less than 130 in 2017.


Bilateral investment between Timor-Leste and Australia is limited.