How should I go about entering the Chinese market?


Austrade provides guidance on a range of steps Australian SMEs looking to export to China can take to help make their transition as easy as possible. Some of these include: 

Network with peers

  • Establishing strong networks is a great way to access valuable information and support
  • The Australia China Business Council provides information programs and opportunities for the Australian business community to network on China business activities with their peers and hosts events with senior contacts within the Chinese Government
  • Events hosted by your industry association are another great way to meet peers

Understand the business culture

  • It’s important to understand the local business culture to ensure you have an appreciation of the expectations of doing business in China
  • For example, building up strong relationships and trust before closing a deal is very important in China – often this happens over a series of dinners with senior people
  • Another tip is that business cards are essential in China – and it pays to have your card translated into Chinese

Meet trade advisors

  • Austrade, the Australian Government’s trade and investment agency, has 11 offices in China
  • Austrade's trade advisors and other export services are available to Australian companies looking to grow their business in China, by helping to connect you with potential partners
  • Austrade can provide advice and support to your business as well as help you make business connections through its vast network of contacts 

Seek advice

  • As with any business venture, receiving good quality legal, tax and professional advice is critical before making important decisions
  • When operating in China, it is advisable to use a legal firm with a local presence to ensure you are complying with regulations and laws; they can also highlight any contract issues
  • A local legal firm will also be able to help if you are concerned about protecting your IP


[Rather than busy trade shows], you might be better off paying Austrade to set up appointments and go and see the best buyer for you - Carolyn Creswell, Carman’s Kitchen, Victorian-based food producer.