What opportunities are there for my business in China?


September 2015

While China’s economy has slowed, the outlook for private consumption remains solid, with the country’s growing middle class continuing to offer significant new export opportunities for Australian businesses.Mining, agriculture and services are three of our most important export markets to China.


  • With a growing population and strong demand from the manufacturing and construction sectors, China cannot meet its growing domestic demands for energy
  • Iron ore and concentrates, coal and gold are our biggest exports to China
  • Australia is also one of China’s largest suppliers for bauxite — with volumes expected to continue to grow significantly


  • China is the largest importer of Australian agricultural produce, a relationship which was worth $8.5 billion to our agricultural sector in 2014
  • Strong population growth and rising per capita incomes will mean that demand for agricultural products will likely continue
  • Dairy and live cattle are becoming increasingly important market segments
  • Australia is becoming an increasingly important source of beef to China with imports projected to increase beyond 2017
  • Fresh milk is a relatively recent important growth market
  • High value dairy goods, such as baby formulas, are offering high returns to Australian farmers


  • A burgeoning Chinese middle class is growing demand for services such as education, which Australia is in a strong position to deliver on
  • An ageing population is creating an attractive market for aged care
  • In addition to the strong demand for imported Australian minerals, China also presents an opportunity for mining equipment, advanced technologies and services

In the last two years we've made a concerted effort to focus on China because we could see that it was an emerging growing market. We're very excited about the future in China and putting a lot of effort in to growing our market there. – John Cassegrain, Cassegrain, NSW-based wine exporter.