An Australian success story in Japan


September 2015

Cassegrain is a multi-award winning winemaking company based in Port Macquarie, NSW, which is growing its exports to Japan and China in response to high demand.

Having established the business in 1984, Cassegrain started exporting in 1987 in response to specific demand from a Japanese buyer. Since then, the company has been successfully exporting its wines to Europe, UK, North America and Asia for a number of years.

Japan remains its main export market, representing around three quarters of its export products. Currently, exports represent 30 per cent of Cassegrain’s sales but the company is aiming to increase that to 70 per cent in five years’ time.

Faced with growing demand from buyers in Japan and China, Cassegrain was worried about matching product supply to the purchase orders it was receiving.

The wine industry has a significant lag phase, as the harvest cycle doesn’t necessarily align with demand for product and the lead time from production to supply can vary significantly. This means that Cassegrain has to invest in manufacturing its wines before receiving orders, to have sufficient product to fulfil a contract when it comes in.

In order to realise its potential growth in Japan and China, Cassegrain needed working capital to pay suppliers and keep production running smoothly.

Export Finance Australia provided Cassegrain with a A$500,000 export contract loan to enable the company to deliver on its growing export contracts in Japan and China by investing in its manufacturing capacity.

Export is a fantastic future for the Australian wine industry and naturally the free trade agreement recently signed with Japan is a great boost and provides opportunities to take advantage of – John Cassegrain, Cassegrain, NSW-based wine exporter.