What is the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement and can it benefit my business?


September 2015

Japan and Australia’s bilateral economic relationship was further strengthened by the signing of the Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) by former Prime Minister Abbott and Japanese Prime Minister Abe in Canberra in July 2014. JAEPA entered into force in January 2015 and will provide Australian exporters with various advantages over their international competitors.

Direct benefits for exporters

  • On full implementation, 97 per cent of Australian exports to Japan will be duty free
  • Almost all resources, energy and manufacturing exports will be duty free
  • A number of agricultural industries such as beef, fruit and vegetables will receive gradual tariff reductions

Indirect benefits for exporters

  • Australian service providers will be treated the same as Japan service providers – they will not be required to have a representative office or be resident in Japan to provide services
  • Australian financial service providers can provide advice to the Japanese market without having to open a full commercial presence
  • Australian law firms have guaranteed access to the Japanese legal services market
  • Australian education providers have guaranteed access to Japan's higher and vocational/technical education services market
  • With some threshold exceptions, Australian exporters will be treated the same as Japanese suppliers in respect of Government procurement


  • In order to obtain these benefits, the goods being exported into Japan must be of Australian or Japanese origin
  • A certificate of origin is required, which can either be self-completed or granted an authorised body upon application

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[We’re] hoping the free trade agreement with Japan will open up the market from a cost perspective and therefore become competitive for us versus multi-national import brands and domestic players – survey respondent, Australia’s International Business Survey 2015.