What opportunities are there for my business in Japan?


September 2015

Japan’s population of approximately 127 million makes it one of the world’s largest consumer markets. High levels of disposable income and demand for premium, high-end goods and services provide some great opportunities for Australian exporters.


  • Japan has few natural resources of its own and Australia is a critical exporter of minerals and energy to the country   
  • In 2014, Australia's major exports to Japan included LNG (approx A$14 billion), coal (A$11.9 billion), iron ore (A$8.4 billion) and copper ores and concentrates (A$1.6 billion)


  • Japan’s agricultural sector is heavily protected but imports of produce have steadily increased
  • Japan imported A$4.2 billion worth of agricultural products from Australia in 2014, with Japan being Australia's largest export market for beef, fish, fruit and vegetable juices, animal feed and dairy products
  • The demand for Australia’s agricultural products reflects our agricultural industry’s strong reputation for quality, environmental sustainability and food safety, all of which are highly valued in the Japanese market


  • Service exports to Japan were worth A$2 billion in 2013-2014, of which 58 per cent was from travel
  • Japan is Australia’s fifth largest tourism market behind China, US, UK and New Zealand
  • The rapid ageing of Japan's population is expected to create future opportunities for exporters of health and welfare goods and services

Japan is the sixth most important market for Australian international SME businesses – Australian International Business Survey 2015.