What is the economic and political environment for doing business in South Korea?

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October 2015

South Korea is one of Australia’s closest economic and trading partners, and with its high-income economy, there is a strong market for Australia’s high quality goods and services.

Export relationship

  • South Korea is Australia’s fourth largest trading partner and third largest export market
  • Australian merchandise exports to South Korea were worth US$20 billion in 2014
  • Australian investment in Korea is worth one per cent of its total foreign investment portfolio

Economic climate

  • South Korea is the 12th largest economy in the world
  • South Korea has successfully transitioned from a middle-income to a high-income economy over the last 50 years, although income per capita lags behind most other developed nations
  • The country’s historical growth rate has been strong, however in recent years its highly export-facing economy has suffered from lower global demand
  • Confidence among businesses is soft, posing risks to domestic spending
  • The government is undertaking a number of initiatives to address these issues including expansionary fiscal and monetary policies
  • The country will face a number of challenges to economic growth in the long term: an aging population, low productivity growth and a need to re-balance the economy away from exports

Political climate

  • The World Bank ranks South Korea in the top 50 per cent in all areas of governance
  • However, instability in North Korea poses the most significant security threat
  • A free trade agreement signed between South Korea and Australia in April 2014 is expected to make it easier for Australian firms to conduct business in South Korea

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72 per cent of [Australian exporters operating in the market] expect business to improve in South Korea, reflecting a very positive outlook on the country – Australian International Business Survey 2015.