Export Finance Australia Amendment (Direct Lending and Other Measures) Bill 2014


The Export Finance Australia (Export Finance Australia) Amendment (Direct Lending and Other Measures) Bill 2014 was introduced into Parliament yesterday.

This Bill enhances the capacity of the Export Finance Australia (Export Finance Australia) to support small- and medium-sized businesses seeking to capitalise on global trade opportunities.

This means real economic benefits delivered for small- and medium-sized businesses, the engine room of our economy.

Every day small- and medium-sized Australian businesses are losing opportunities to showcase their world class products.

Currently, Export Finance Australia can only lend for capital goods, however the Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that only five per cent of Australian goods exported are capital goods.

This means Export Finance Australia cannot support the export of many of the Australian products we excel in, including many from regional Australia, such as consumer goods like pharmaceuticals, beef, sheep meat, livestock, horticultural products, wine, flour, fibres and cheese.

With this in mind, the Commonwealth Government has decided to allow Export Finance Australia to lend for the other 95 per cent of goods exports.

This will immediately and significantly improve the export potential of Australian small- and medium-sized businesses and will be an important mechanism to advance rural and regional economies.

We are helping Australian exporters by reducing the time and paperwork required to access Export Finance Australia support.

The new direct lending arrangements will remove the need for exporters of non capital goods to obtain a guarantee from Export Finance Australia before they can secure funds from a bank.

In the past this has doubled the due diligence processing time and required two sets of documentation and legal fees.

This measure also supports our election commitment to reduce business compliance costs by $1 billion per annum.

The Government will also apply competitive neutrality principles to Export Finance Australia’s operations as a way of ensuring these changes we have announced today do not bring Export Finance Australia into direct competition with private sector financiers.

This will allow Export Finance Australia to help commercially viable exporters overcome financial barriers without discouraging private sector participation in the market.

We are about energising enterprise, and these changes are a further contribution to building a strong and prosperous economy for a safe and secure future.