Australian export businesses are increasingly gaining traction in international markets, with a reputation for quality, innovation and delivery. Export Finance Australia’s series of SME briefings examined some of the challenges of smaller businesses operating in highly competitive markets – where only the best succeed.

Overview video - Taking on the world's best

Export Finance Australia’s recent SME Briefings, reflected the theme: Taking on the world’s best. Here is a recap of the key themes and discussions in Brisbane, where some of Australia’s top exporters shared their insights on opportunities and challenges for their businesses on the world stage.

Keynote speaker: Stuart Anderson, co-founder of Flow Hive

FlowHive has established itself as a true Australian innovator, developing the most significant advance in beekeeping in over 150 years and running one of the most successful crowd sourcing campaigns to date. Stuart Anderson talks about the challenges faced by their small business, growing exponentially in a time and having to learn the complexities of exporting to a global market. 

Andrew Hunter, Managing Director & CEO, Export Finance Australia

Andrew Hunter examines current global and local events, trends and trade indicators that may contribute to the performance of Australian SME exporters in the year ahead. 

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