4 fast facts about METS and Construction Services


Did you know, with our range of financial solutions we’re helping our Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) and Construction Services customers export all over the world. 

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When it comes to Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) and Construction Services, Australia has world-class capabilities. An unprecedented rise in activity over the last decade has enabled these sectors to thrive - and demand for innovative products and quality services is expected to grow.

If you supply goods or services which are part of a final product that is exported, your business may be part of an export supply chain – even if you don’t sell internationally yourself, or deal with the end exporter.

Knowing where the opportunities are can help you access new networks or regions – and if you need financial support getting there, see how we could help

1. $92b METS-mining industry value and $350b Construction Services industry value.

These sectors are key economic drivers and offer exciting opportunities for businesses wanting to carver a larger share of the supply chain.

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 2. $100b – Engineering and civil construction activity is expected to increase in value by 2020/21.

This presents exciting opportunities for businesses whose products and services support any aspect of a project’s lifecycle.

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   3. $202m in financial support provided. 

Over the last five years, we provided $202 million for 62 METS and Construction Services customers through 225 transactions.

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4. 65% increase in oil and gas construction projects

Over the next four years, construction activity will continue to grow, with the oil and gas sector seeing the biggest spike. Rail and road infrastructure projects will also increase by 47% and 10%, respectively.

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