Five facts for Australian fashion exporters


There’s never been a better time for Australian fashion businesses to take their brand global.

There are many driving forces behind the sector’s international success, how Export Finance Australia is supporting fashion exporters and how your business could benefit.

Fashion exports continue to grow
Australian textiles, bags, clothing and footwear exports have reached $899m in 2019[1]. With digitalisation driving e-commerce and more Free Trade Agreements levelling the playing field, demand for home-grown talent and raw materials is creating exciting opportunities for Australian businesses.

There’s a lucrative international retail sector
A diverse market exists beyond our borders. With endless possibilities for wholesale, retail trade and e-commerce, Australian businesses are being drawn to myriad options.

Australian brands are taking centre stage
Camilla, Sir the Label, Lee Mathews, Threebyone and Aje. These brands are synonymous with Aussie fashion and have gained a global following. Working with Export Finance Australia has helped these labels grow further abroad.

Support for Australian fashion brands is available
Ambitious brands are working hand in hand with Export Finance Australia to realise their potential by securing a range of financial solutions, with A$74m of fashion export contracts supported in the last five years.

Plan your brand’s export success with these resources
Export Finance Australia understands the financial challenges you may face as you grow your business. Our online resources, like our FREE Fashion eBook “Taking Australian fashion global” could help you plan your export journey.   

[1] Source: ABS, International Trade in Goods and Services, December 2019

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