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Our guarantees have helped hundreds of Australian export-related businesses, just like yours, take on new export opportunities. Read some of our case studies below.


Varley Group
With our guarantee, Varley Group were able to purchase a stake in a specialist US avionics and defence software provider and gain access to the billion dollar US defence industry. 

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Liddy Design
See how our Export Working Capital Guarantee gave Liddy Design the ability to cover the increased demand from its existing customers.

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Oz Nature
Oz Nature used our Export Working Capital Guarantee funds to increase its production capacity, which has allowed the amount of beef exports to grow significantly.

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PCT Global
See how our Export Working Capital Guarantee allowed PCT Global to buy raw materials and packaging for an increased manufacturing volume for a contract with Home Depot in the U.S.

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Gemtree Wines
See how funds from Export Finance Australia allowed Gemtree Wines to secure finance for the upfront costs from day one for the 2015 vintage.

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