Our criteria


Our criteria

The transaction must meet the following for us to provide our solutions:

Australian Benefit Commercial Approvals

Have the necessary level of Australian content or benefit to Australia


Be commercially viable Have the required defence export permit or in-principle approval from Defence Export Controls

If the transaction meets these requirements but is not suitable for Export Finance Australia's Commercial Account, it may be referred to the Government's Defence Export Facility.


Delivering benefits to Australia

For us to support Australian companies in global defence supply chains, there must be an Australian benefit (this could be a future or indirect benefit).

Australian benefits can include:

  • Australian content (goods or services) in a project
  • greater Australian participation in international supply chains
  • access to new markets or export opportunities for Australian businesses
  • more Australian jobs
  • payment of dividends or other financial proceeds from overseas to Australia
  • new research and development expenditure in Australia
  • Australian access to new products, intellectual property or technology

The level of finance we provide is linked to the level of Australian benefit in a project.