Tailored loan solutions to take on the world.


Tailored loan solutions to take on the world.

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Our loans can provide your business with the financial support needed to take on the world.

Whether you’re exporting directly, part of an export supply chain, or setting up a presence internationally, at Export Finance Australia, we provide access to finance for businesses just like yours to take on new export-related opportunities.

Our tailored loan options can:

  • support export or supply chain businesses
  • facilitate exports in emerging markets
  • provide complementary finance to your bank.
Capital expenditure

Working capital

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Capital expenditure

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International expansion

What are the benefits for your business?

Our loan facilities:

  • provide you with access to finance to deliver on export or export supply chain transactions or international expansion
  • are available for pre and/or post-shipment finance
  • enable you the to flexibility tailor your loan amount and term to meet your business needs
  • can be utilised anytime during the availability period
  • allow repayments to be linked to payments from your export-related transactions
  • include a line of credit option, which allows multiple drawdowns and repayments during the loan term.

Is a loan right for your business?

We support the export of Australian goods and services and international infrastructure development in our region.

As the Government’s export credit agency, key criteria must be met and assessed before we can offer our financial support.

Where possible, we can work with your bank to provide complementary finance solutions for your export-related business.

We offer a flexible loan structure that is aligned with business cash flow. Our loan facilities can be drawn for export-related transactions or establishing your business internationally.

If you’re considering if our loan facilities are right for your business, we’ve outlined some of the key points to consider.

Loan options

Loan amount From $350,000
Establishment time From 4 weeks
Currencies available AU$ US$ € £
Redraw functionality Yes
Online application No

Loan terms and rates

Interest rates 9%-11% p.a.
Repayment structure Quarterly interest, principal based on contract
Loan term Typically, in line with the loan purpose

Application fees

$5,000 or 1% of the total loan, whichever is greater

Other fees and charges apply, including commitment and documentation fees


Various forms of security may be required including a registered general security interest and corporate and directors’ indemnities

Eligibility criteria

Revenue last financial year Over $250,000
Age of business Established for at least 2 years
Have an export contract(s) or purchase order(s) Yes
Seeking support for a supply chain contract Yes
Unable to get financing from your bank Yes
Available for first-time exporters Yes
Export transaction requirement This loan must be used to finance:
  • export-related transaction(s) for the export of Australian goods and/or services from Australia
  • the expansion of your business in an international market
  • equipment and other costs associated with delivering future export or export-related contracts.

View our full list of key eligibility criteria here.

What are the next steps?

Step 1: Finance need

You enter an export contract(s) with an international buyer or a business in an export supply chain.


You need finance to expand your business in an international market.

Step 2: Funds

We provide you with a direct loan to help you deliver on your export contract(s) or international expansion.

Step 3: Loan repayment

Loan repayments are typically structured in line with the export contract(s) or a pre-arranged repayment schedule.


For overseas direct investment, you enter a pre-arranged repayment structure.

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