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We're supporting overseas infrastructure and major projects.

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How much support could we provide?

Financing limits per project or country are determined on a case-by-case basis. Our analysis will consider our risk appetite, our capital base and the level of Australian benefit in a project.

For larger projects, we can share risk with partners and encourage investment from other financiers to ensure that viable projects receive the finance required to proceed.

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Delivering benefits to Australia

For us to support an overseas infrastructure project, there must be an Australian benefit, which could be a future or indirect benefit. Read more about Australian benefit

Our criteria

For us to provide our solutions in support of an international infrastructure project, the transaction must meet the following criteria:

Australian benefit

Have the necessary level of Australian benefit.


Be commercially viable.

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Meet our social and environmental due diligence standards.


Be appropriate for the relevant country.


Ensure project procurement governance is sound.

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