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We support Australian exports and overseas infrastructure development with flexible finance solutions. 

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As the Australian Government’s export credit agency (ECA), we play an impactful role in financing Australian exports and interests, including overseas infrastructure development.

We achieve our purpose by fulfilling our legislated functions, which are to:

  • support SMEs, corporates and governments to realise export opportunities
  • help finance sustainable infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond
  • provide defence export finance through the Defence Export Facility
  • support the critical minerals sector through the Critical Minerals Facility
  • enable broader government objectives by supporting other Commonwealth entities.

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Structured finance

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Supporting crucial sectors

Our mandates also enable us to provide facilities to support crucial sectors including sustainable infrastructure, critical minerals and defence.

What is an export credit agency?

Most countries world-wide have government mandated ECAs. Their purpose is to support and enable export trade for their country. Generally, ECAs provide government-backed finance solutions to businesses to help them grow exports.

Support export credit agencies can provide

Each export credit agency is given a mandate by their government outlining what support they are able to provide. This can include:

  • direct loans
  • guarantees and bonds
  • insurance products, including credit insurance and political risk insurance
  • project and buyer finance.

For more information on Export Finance Australia’s governance and how we work with the Federal Government click here.

How export credit agencies work together

The Berne Union is the leading global association for export credit agencies. Each year the Berne Union holds meetings providing a forum for ECAs to learn from their peers and discuss future trends in export financing and global trade.

ECAs can also work together to provide finance solutions on projects that involve respective countries.

Prior to 1 July 2019, our trading name was Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (Efic). Since this date, all documents and content will use Export Finance Australia, anything dated prior to this will refer to Efic.