Aspen Medical


Aspen Medical is a global provider of healthcare equipment supplying defence, mining and resources, oil and gas, government and humanitarian sectors.

Dutch group Enraf-Nonius BV works with international associations on healthcare projects and subcontracted Aspen Medical to build a 900-bed hospital in Hambantota, Sri Lanka.

The project was financed by Rabobank and insured by Dutch export credit agency Atradius Dutch State Business NV.

Atradius’ commitment to this project was in turn supported by the export credit agencies of the main subcontractors.

Our reciprocal reinsurance agreement with Altradius allowed us to provide a €11.4 million reinsurance arrangement, which was instrumental in the success of Aspen Medical’s bid to supply equipment and associated medical design and infrastructure for the hospital.

“This transaction illustrates how we can use bilateral agreements with other export credit agencies to help local subcontracting companies involved in export deals,” said Export Finance Australia’s Andrew Watson.

“We were very pleased to provide a solution which ultimately enabled Aspen to supply goods and services to the hospital.” 

“Export Finance Australia’s help was integral to us winning this important contract to provide much needed healthcare
services and equipment to a worthy project.”
Glenn Keys
Managing Director, Aspen Medical"