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BJP Laboratories is a leading Australian contract manufacturer of conventional and alternative medicines.

Located in Yatala, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the company is fully equipped to manufacture and package organic and non-organic complementary medicinal products, such as tablets, capsules and powders.

Among its extensive range of products, BJP specialises in the production of probiotics, which it undertakes in its purpose-built humidity controlled facility.

A new opportunity

Over the past few years, BJP has experienced exponential business growth, as a result of increasing demand for listed medicines in overseas markets.

On the back of this success, one of BJP’s existing clients, which is one of the world's most reputable pharmaceutical companies, required increased production capacity to meet the growing demand for glucosamine tablets in Asia.

Despite having the technical capability to manufacture the tablets, BJP was unable to secure sufficient finance to purchase the raw materials required for production.

With BJP’s bank unable to provide additional funding to support its rapid business growth without more tangible security, BJP faced the possibility of being unable to fulfil its increased orders.

On the recommendation of its bank, BJP approached us to see if we had a solution.

"Landing a big order puts more pressure on your company’s cash flow. Thankfully, with Export Finance Australia’s assistance, we were able to undertake an important order with an existing client. Brian Siebert, CEO, BJP Laboratories."

A helping hand

We were able to step in and provide funding support in the form of a $823,000 Export Contract Loan.

This loan enabled BJP to purchase the raw materials from another Australian company and manufacture the tablets in its Queensland facility.

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