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Studio Agency is a Brisbane-based fashion designer and wholesaler that exports a range of women’s fashion designs around the world.

Founded in 2007, the company started out distributing a selection of international and Australian fashion labels as a wholesaler.

More recently, Studio Agency has also established two of its own private label brands that the company designs, manufactures and wholesales.

Studio Agency started exporting in 2014 after receiving strong interest for Australian brands from overseas markets, with its key export markets being the US and the UK.

Its customers are typically large online retailers, with around 40 per cent of its total revenue coming from exports.

Growing demand

Studio Agency is enjoying promising growth overseas, with increasing demand for its products from its buyers in the US and UK.

However, when a wholesale buyer places a large order, it can often be 60 to 90 days before Studio Agency receives payment.

This lag puts pressure on the company’s cash flow, which in turn can have an impact on other aspects of the business.  

With two contracts with retailers in the US and UK continuing to grow, this situation started to become a pressing issue.

While Studio Agency needed financial support to manage this cash flow pressure, its bank was not able to provide the finance needed and so Studio Agency contacted us to see if we had a solution.

"Dealing with Export Finance Australia has been a huge breath of fresh air – the team is so positive about exporting and about our business, and it’s been a great help. Zoi Vafias, Director, Studio Agency."

How we helped

We provided Studio Agency with a $180,000 Export Contract Loan, which it used to fund the manufacturing costs associated with its US and UK export contracts.

This loan not only reduced pressure on Studio Agency’s cash flow, but allowed it to reinvest in the business and grow its export revenue even further.

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