We’ve outlined some of the key points you need to consider when applying for an Export Finance Australia guarantee.

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Guarantees and Overseas Direct Investments

Overview A guarantee from Export Finance Australia to enable your bank to approve further finance that can be drawn down for export-related transactions or expanding your business overseas.
Who is eligible?
Revenue last financial year Over $250,000
Guarantee options 
Guarantee amount From $100,000
Establishment time From 4 weeks
Currencies available       
Redraw functionality 
Online application
Guarantee terms and rates 
Interest rates Determined by bank
Repayment structure Determined by bank
Utilisation fee 4% - 6% p.a.
Export Finance Australia repayment structure Quarterly interest, principal based on contract
Application fees 
  $5,000 or 1% of the total loan (whichever is greater)
Other fees and charges apply, including utilisation and documentation fees
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