Our process


Our process is very similar to a normal bank process and includes:

  • A two stage approval process which provides early feedback on prospect.
  • Sensitivity to reputational risk (i.e. environmental, social, corruption).
  • Board approval for exposures > A$50 million and Category A environmental/social transactions.

Our Process

  • CSPF Engage


    • Client presents opportunity
    • Execute Confidentiality Agreement
    • Client shares information with Export Finance Australia
  • Prospect Profiling

    Prospect Profiling

    • Preliminary diligence / mandate compliance check
    • Presentation to Executive
    • Export Finance Australia issues non-binding Letter of Interest and indicative terms
  • Credit Approval

    Credit Approval

    • Client mandates Export Finance Australia / signs cost indemnity
    • Formal due diligence / site visit
    • Agree terms and commence credit approval
    • Commitment letter subject to documentation