Our solutions


What solutions can we provide?

We provide a range of tailored financial solutions to Australian companies to support their export or overseas activities; and to buyers of, or projects that procure, Australian goods and/or services.

We can provide project, corporate and buyer finance including sovereign loans or guarantees. We also offer a range of bonding and insurance solutions to support Australian businesses in their export activities and overseas investments.

Our range of loans, guarantees, bonds and insurance products can be structured to meet your specific needs, and can include:

Our solutions
Project Finance

A loan or guarantee of a loan to a project that procures Australian goods or services, or  for Australian-based projects that export their production.

Buyer Finance

A loan or guarantee of a loan to a purchaser of Australian goods or services.

Supplier Finance

A loan or guarantee of a loan to a supplier of Australian goods or services destined for frontier and emerging markets, or in Australia where the goods or services form an integral part of the export supply chain.

Sovereign Finance

A loan or guarantee of a loan to a sovereign backed purchaser of Australian goods or services.


Issued on behalf of an exporter in relation to an export contract. They can be issued either directly or as a guarantee to a bank issuing a bond. Examples include advance payment, performance, and warranty bonds.

Overseas Direct Investment

A loan or guarantee to Australian companies investing overseas, where the investment is for business growth purposes which has an economic benefit to Australia.


Political Risk Insurance: issued to Australian investors and contractors and their lenders in frontier and emerging markets to mitigate potential losses due to certain political events.

Export Payment Insurance: issued to Australian exporters to protect against the risk of non-payment due to certain commercial and political risks.