Supporting global defence projects


Supporting global defence projects

Export Finance Australia provides financial expertise and solutions to support Australian defence exports across a range of sectors including advanced manufacturing, engineering and software.

Through our loans, guarantees and bonds we enable SMEs and defence primes to take on export opportunities.

What is a defence export?

A defence export is any defence-specific or dual-use good or service exported by the Australian defence industry to a national security end-user overseas.

Who can we support?

As Australia’s export credit agency, we have a track record of helping Australian defence exporters across multiple sectors such as air, land, sea and cyber security to help them win defence contracts overseas.

The Government’s Defence Export Strategy

In 2018, the Australian Government launched the Defence Export Strategy to help the defence industry achieve greater export success. Read more about how we support the Defence Export Facility.

Delivering benefits to Australia

For us to support an overseas infrastructure project, there must be an Australian benefit (this could be a future or indirect benefit). Read more about Australian benefit.

Our criteria

The transaction must meet the following for us to provide our solutions:

  • Have the necessary level of Australian benefit;
  • Be commercially viable;
  • Meet our social and environmental due diligence standards;
  • Be appropriate for the relevant country; and
  • Ensure project procurement governance is sound.

Want to know more information about how we can support global defence projects?

See how we've helped Ferra Engineering

Ferra Engineering
Ferra Engineering manufactures and assembles complex aerospace structures and subsystems for commercial and military aviation, as well as other defence industries.

We provided a guarantee to Ferra's bank, enabling them to access finance to manufacture weapons bay adaptors for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program.