Supporting overseas infrastructure projects


Support for overseas infrastructure projects

Export Finance Australia provides financial expertise and solutions to support Australian businesses across a range of sectors including telecommunications, energy, electrification, water and sanitation, and transportation.

Through our loans, guarantees and bonds we enable Australian businesses to take on export opportunities.

Additional financing capacity

In 2019, changes to our legislation provided us additional financing capacity and a new overseas infrastructure financing power.

Our more flexible mandate enables us to finance infrastructure projects in the Pacific and broader Indo-Pacific region that result in positive outcomes for Australia and the region, both now and in the future. 

We look to complement commercial finance and do not provide concessional loans, equity or grants.

How much support can we provide

Financing limits per project or country are determined on a case-by-case basis. Our analysis will consider our risk appetite, our capital base and the level of Australian benefit in a project.

For larger projects, we can share risk with partners and encourage investment from other financiers to ensure that viable projects receive the finance required to proceed.

Delivering benefits to Australia

For us to support an overseas infrastructure project, there must be an Australian benefit (this could be a future or indirect benefit). Read more about Australian benefit.

Our criteria

The transaction must meet the following for us to provide our solutions:

  • Have the necessary level of Australian benefit;
  • Be commercially viable;
  • Meet our social and environmental due diligence standards;
  • Be appropriate for the relevant country; and
  • Ensure project procurement governance is sound.

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Customers we've helped

Outotec is an engineering service company that develops leading technologies and services for the sustainable use of natural resources.

We provided a US$105 million guarantee of an ANZ loan to the Sri Lankan Government to deliver reliable and safe drinking water to 150,000 people

CCB Envico

CCB Envico specialises in the design, construction and commissioning of projects, and is highly experienced in projects in Pacific Islands. 

We provided bonds of US$1.9 million to help CCB Envico deliver on their project and upgrade the Marshall Islands' water supply and sanitation infrastructure.