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Application process

  • How do you keep data secure?

    We are partnering with Microsoft to manage the user identification process, which is why you'll see a Microsoft url when you register or log in to the exportonline portal. This allows us to take advantage of the very latest online security systems and ensures the information that you provide to us is as secure as it can be.

  • Can I amend the application that has been submitted?

    Yes – you can phone us on 1800 740 557 or email after your application has been submitted if you notice changes are required. One of our staff will assist you with your application.

  • Why do I have to pay an application fee?

    Before we make a decision on your application, we need to check the information you provided and undertake a credit assessment of your company. An upfront application fee of $100 is payable by credit card at the time of application. If the loan is approved, a further $1,000 will be deducted at settlement to cover the cost of a detailed credit assessment of your business.

Business details


  • Why do I need to provide personal identification information?

    All commercial lenders are required by law to collect this information when assessing a loan application. We will be undergoing checks on the key individuals influencing or benefiting from the business' operations as part of our assessment.
  • What if Australian identification is not available?

    If the individual does not have any form of Australian identification, you must provide certified copies of ID which are translated to English by a qualified translator if necessary.
  • Who will conduct a credit assessment of my business?

    Equifax is a data analytics business that provides credit reports and other information relating to individuals and businesses. We have partnered with Equifax to complete the identity checks and credit assessment for each application. They also act as a credit reporting agency to whom Export Finance Australia may report information relating to loan defaults from time to time.

Evidence of an export transaction

  • What evidence of an export transaction do I need to provide to apply for this loan?

    An export contract/purchase order from your overseas buyer must be provided. If your business is supplying tourism services to international visitors or an online business selling direct to customers outside Australia, you can instead provide supplier invoices or other third party documentation to prove the use of the funds requested.

  • What do the export purchase order(s)/contract(s) need to contain to be sufficient?

    The export purchase order(s)/contract(s) need to contain the following to be sufficient for your loan application:

    • issued to the same legal entity applying for the loan
    • clearly identifies the buyer and the destination of the goods
    • is on the buyer’s letterhead or otherwise clearly identifiable as having originated from the overseas buyer
    • is not an invoice
    • is signed by the overseas buyer
    • includes payment terms
    • includes a clear description of and total value of goods
    • includes shipping date
    • includes delivery terms and port of departure.

    A purchase order or contract is not required for online or tourism exporters.

  • I don't have an official purchase order, do you accept email confirmation made by the overseas buyer?

    An email order from your overseas buyer could be sufficient providing it contains the following:

    • buyer's email signature includes address and company details which are clearly identifiable as having originated from the buyer
    • issued to the same legal entity applying for the loan
    • confirmation it is an order
    • includes payment terms
    • includes a clear description and total value of goods
    • includes shipping date
    • includes delivery terms including port of departure and destination of goods


    A purchase order or contract is not required for online or tourism exporters.

Australian content

  • What does Australian benefit mean and why is it important?

    Export Finance Australia financially supports Australian exports of goods and services and overseas infrastructure development in our region. We need to make sure there is benefit flowing to Australia in connection with our financial support. An important source of Australian benefit is the economic activity stimulated in Australia by the presence of Australian content associated with a project or transaction. Australian content constitutes all inputs to a project or transaction that do not originate overseas. We also take into account other benefits to Australia. These other benefits can include (but are not limited to):

    • greater Australian participation in international supply chains
    • access to new markets or export opportunities for Australian businesses
    • more Australian jobs
    • payment of dividends or other financial proceeds from overseas to Australia
    • new research and development expenditure in Australia
    • Australian access to new products, intellectual property or technology

    You can contact us for more information.

Export & loan details

Working with banks

  • Do I need to confirm with my bank that they cannot help me before I apply?

    Yes, we work with banks and other financial institutions to provide financing support to export businesses, and only provide finance when your bank is unable to do so. We simply need to check with your bank that this is the case as part of our approval process. This check has no connection with your credit rating.

Interest rates

  • Why is the interest rate higher than that offered by my bank?

    We charge a margin higher than what you may be used to with your bank due to the associated risks of providing an unsecured loan. We are backing the business' performance to deliver on the export transaction and service the loan. As Australia’s export credit agency, we’re not allowed to compete with the banks and so can only approve a loan if your company’s bank is unable to do so.

Loan repayments

Business finacials

Personal information

How we can help you

  • Protecting your IP overseas

    SMEs spend a lot of time working on developing their markets, building the right relationships and building their product portfolio. But one of the key issues many SMEs often overlook is protecting their Intellectual Property (IP).

    We know that protecting your IP in the domestic market is a serious undertaking, opening that up to international markets adds layers of complexity. Understanding the risks and knowing what solutions are available for your IP can help you develop an IP strategy that will put you on the best path possible for your business.

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