Need help exporting to New Zealand?

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The 2016 Australian International Business Survey (AIBS) reports on the views of 913 internationally-active Australian businesses, drawn from 19 industry sectors (and 93 sub-sectors), and operating in over 100 international markets.

Highlights from the 2016 Australian International Business Survey

  • 11% of survey respondents nominated New Zealand as their first most important overseas market.
  • 65% of businesses exporting to New Zealand cited proximity of country as the most important reason for targeting the market.
  • 54% of the businesses exporting to New Zealand were in the manufacturing industry, with 13% from wholesale trade companies.
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Need help overcoming finance barriers?

We understand the challenges faced by Australia’s exporters – financing issues, fluctuating exchange rates, varied payment terms and seasonal changes, not to mention the significant lag between production and payment.

And with your bank often unable to provide all the financial support that you need, it can be difficult for you to compete and grow your business overseas.

That’s where we can help

As Australia’s export credit agency, we understand the small to medium business exporter market, and can work closely with you to provide the financial support you need for your overseas activities.

We also have a range of free resources available to help you learn more about exporting to New Zealand, including:

  • a recent Country Profile from the 2016 Australian International Business Survey (AIBS), which looks at the types of companies exporting to New Zealand, what to consider when doing business there, and the overall business outlook.
  • our SME Information Series that provides information and advice on some of the key issues small to medium business  exporters face, such as planning for export, managing and accessing finance, building networks and managing risks. Download our Managing export risks ebook.

Finance for export?

Through our loans, guarantees, bonds and insurance products, we have helped many Australian exporters and subcontractors in the domestic export supply chain take advantage of new contract opportunities that may otherwise have been out of reach.

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Download the AIBS India country profile report here.

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See how we have helped these small business exporters grow their business into New Zealand.

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