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Bottles of Australia (BoA) is a Canberra-based plastic drink bottle manufacturer and supplies a wide range of plastic bottles to well-known sporting brands, as well as printed promotional bottles for companies, sport clubs, schools and government departments.

All BoA bottles are manufactured in Australia in an ISO 9002-approved facility, and are fully recyclable, dishwasher and freezer safe.

As a leading Australian custom drink bottle provider, BoA supplies its quality products via its extensive distributor network in Australia and overseas, with customers in Russia, Canada, USA, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia.

A new export contract

After a very long selection process, BoA was appointed as the authorised global bottle supplier for a major well-known sports brand.

Under this new arrangement, BoA would need to deliver water bottles across 22 countries to 33 of the brand’s local subsidiaries.

Such a significant increase in future sales meant BoA needed additional working capital to meet the upfront costs of these larger production volumes.

Like many manufacturers, BoA has a relatively long working capital cycle, as it needs to make upfront payment for raw materials, manufacturing and delivery before receiving payment from its customers.

With BoA’s bank unable to provide the additional finance needed to help reduce the pressure on working capital, the company contacted Export Finance Australia to see if we had a solution.

How we helped

Our Export Contract Loan provided BoA with the additional working capital it needed to deliver on this high-profile new bottle contract.

Being the global supplier for such a major sports brand has not only enhanced BoA’s reputation, but it has also given the company an advantage when dealing with other buyers.

And with another global sports brand also approaching BoA for a similar deal, the future for this innovative Australian manufacturer is looking good.

Our bottles are now being used in over 22 countries worldwide. Export Finance Australia helped us scale-up and take our business to the next level. Anton Pemmer, Founder and Director, Bottles of Australia

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