Macro Investments


Macro Investments, a South Australian-based game meat producer and exporter, required funding to facilitate its exports.

We gave Macro a A$750,000 revolving export working capital guarantee facility through its bank, NAB Agribusiness.

Our EWCG provides security to the bank to extend additional working capital needed by its customer to support its export contracts with different buyers.

As a result, Macro was able to pursue larger export orders of game meat to international markets.

“Our support for Macro, in conjunction with its bank, NAB Agribusiness, underlines our commitment to Australian exporters,” said Export Finance Australia’s Leela Hanson.

“We are pleased to assist the company with exports to re-opened and established markets, and with its future growth plans.”

“Export Finance Australia’s assistance with financing our export contracts was put in place just as Macro had secured a five-year supply contract with Russia for human consumption kangaroo meat,” said Macro’s Ray Borda.

“This additional finance enables Macro to meet the supply demands of its growing export markets without financially impacting the supply requirements for its large domestic market.” 

The structure of our exporting business is different from most other exporters. Export Finance Australia was able to customise a financial
arrangement which accommodated all our requirements.

Ray Borda, Chief Executive Officer, Macro Investments

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