Radlink Communications


Radlink is one of Australia’s leaders in radio technology solutions, designing and installing radio communication systems predominantly for resource companies, but also for local governments, port authorities and utility companies to help them keep in touch with their employees and to monitor and direct operations.

Radlink was founded in 2007 to fill a niche in the Western Australian mining industry that required focussed, local technical support.

Two large new contracts

Radlink is at the forefront of high-end radio communications in Australia having designed Western Australia’s first commercial digital (TETRA) radio system, as well as the first multi-site communications system in the Pilbara mining region, in Western Australia.

As the largest supplier of radio communication networks and equipment to the mining and oil & gas industries in WA, Radlink needed working capital in excess of what could be secured through their bank to fund new infrastructure in support of contracts they had won or were bidding for with major mining exporters BHP and FMG.

Radlink’s bank NAB contacted us to see if there was a way to increase Radlink’s working capital, so they could fund these contracts.

How we helped

Following the referral from NAB, Export Finance Australia was able to provide NAB with a $2 million working capital guarantee to support Radlink’s working capital requirements for the design and implementation of specialist digital radio systems and associated infrastructure for BHP in the Pilbara mining region.

Working again with NAB, Radlink was able to increase the working capital guarantee from $2 million to $3 million, in support of a new contract with FMG for the design and implementation of similar radio systems at its mines, also in the Pilbara mining region.

The increased guarantee allowed Radlink to fulfil these important contracts on time and within budget, with facilities beyond those already provided by its bank.

Radlink has now built several multi-site digital (TETRA) radio systems for mines, railway lines and ports in the Pilbara and surrounding regions and will continue to focus on further large and valuable projects in these and other areas.

“ With many projects involving significant lead
times to design, source, procure and assemble radio infrastructure projects before invoicing and
payment, Export Finance Australia’s working capital guarantee has enabled us to bid and win much bigger projects for our clients due to our increased capacity to fund them.” Tim Browning, General Manager, Radlink Communications."