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Need less than $500,000?
Our Small Business Export Loan might be right for you.

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Our Small Business Export Loan could support your growth

If you need to borrow less than $500,000, our Small Business Export Loan could support your business. You can start your application online now.

When applying for your Small Business Export Loan, it’s important that all the details you enter are accurate. Most application delays occur because of incorrect or incomplete information.

Below is an outline of a typical application process and the documentation you are required to provide to support your application. You can submit your application and provide the supporting documentation at a later stage in your application process. 

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Our application process

2 minutes Create an account.
20 minutes Complete and submit your application.
We will receive your application and contact you within one business day. 

Provide your supporting documents. 

5 days Approval process
*May vary based on additional information required.
5 days Accept our loan offer and funds are deposited into your designated account.

Documents required for your application

To ensure your loan is approved as quickly as possible, you will need to provide the following documentation with your loan application.

From your business
  • ID for every director/beneficial owner/person exercising management control/trustee:
    • Passport
    • Drivers licence number
    • Medicare number.
  • Financial statements including P&L, balance sheet and notes to the accounts (accountant prepared is preferred) from FY20 to FY23 showing historical profitability.
  • Aged accounts receivable and accounts payable summary for your company.
  • Forecast cash flow for 12 months
  • Year to date management accounts (P&L and balance sheet) if more than three months into the current financial year.
  • Personal statement of assets and liabilities for each director. Download the form here.
International purchase orders/international contracts
Purchase orders from Australia exporters/contracts with Australian exporters
The specific export contract[s] or purchase order[s].
Tax obligations Written confirmation that your tax payments are up to date, or a copy of a payment plan approved by the ATO.
Superannuation payments Written confirmation that your superannuation payments are up to date.
If you are a third party such as an accountant applying on behalf of a business Signed letter of authority from the business. Download the form here.