OneSaas has built a ‘hub and spoke’ integration model that allows customers, without any technical knowledge or assistance, to automate end-to-end workflow processes for sales data.

The company has built strong technical and commercial partnerships with leading business applications in accounting, e-commerce, point-of-sale, billing and invoicing, CRM and fulfilment, and has traction both in Australia and the United States.

Upfront expenditure

OneSaas secured a contract to provide accounting automation to a leading e-commerce platform based in the United States.

The OneSaas accounting automation service will allow merchants of the e-commerce platform to share financial data automatically between its online store, and leading accounting systems like QuickBooks Online and Xero.

This solution primarily benefits US-based merchants, making it easier for them to sell online by streamlining their sales process.

While the e-commerce platform is up-and-running, ongoing user optimisation and maintenance is still required to keep it running efficiently.

This requires a large investment early in the service’s lifecycle while user volumes and associated revenue are still relatively low.

A helping hand

In order to complete this ongoing maintenance and fulfil its contract with the overseas e-commerce platform, OneSaas required additional working capital.

OneSaas approached its bank, however it was unable to approve the working capital that OneSaas needed, given its size and unique business model.

We provided a US$150,000 Export Contract Loan to OneSaas, which will enable it to upgrade and maintain the e-commerce platform, and ensure successful delivery of the contract.

And as OneSaas continues to deliver on its customer acquisition strategy, through diversifying its revenue and bringing on a number of new partners in its pipeline, its export growth is looking very positive.

"Export Finance Australia’s support is fundamental to our ability to fulfil our contract, with the additional cash flow helping us to accelerate growth of our export business.
Jeff Perlman, CEO & Director, OneSaas Integrations."

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